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Writing Competitions

Although I wrote this yesterday, I didn't have time to post it, so technically I've not really managed a post a day so far. However, this is not a hard and fast rule for participating and we are able to post a number of posts within the seven day frame. So here goes. Today's theme is the fabulous creation - the writing competition. Many writers enter their work and often are able to supplement their income with the odd prize win or enhance their existences by winning a holiday (yay!) a meal out in a fancy restaurant (okay!) or chocolate (always acceptable.) I've tried to include a range of subject focus, a range of cash prizes and have also ensured this list does not require a mad month of writing before January 31st 2012. There may be something to tempt you. Good luck!
Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts Water Poetry Competition
Deadline: 13th January 2012. Main Category (£5 entry fee for up to three poems):
1st Prize: £500
2nd Prize: £200
3rd Prize: £100 North East Young Adult …

Day One of the Seven Day Blogging Challenge: Five Free Writing Courses You May Love to Hate!

My first challenge of the week is to tell you about five free writing courses available on the internet. Initially, I was unsure I would be able to unearth five such courses. There is a glut of information out there on the world wide web about writing courses available to you which promise no end of opportunities over and above the one you aspire to - to improve your writing skills.But to find courses that are not only competent, with a proven track record, and which are free of charge was always going to be tricky, as although the only real stipulation was that the courses were free, I did not want to recommend anything that I didn't feel comfortable about putting my name to.
With a free course, you have nothing to lose - right? Well, no not quite. There is the small matter of your identity.
So, as with all things on the internet that ask for any details, tread carefully. Read around the course and do not give any details until you personally feel secure enough to do so. I'm sh…

New reviews for Driftwood and Amethyst - had to share

For any author, one of the most terrifying moments is sharing what you have written. Until then, you can imagine you have created a work of genius, daydreaming your success all day long. Then, you give it to a close circle of friends and family to review. Some are honest, but generally they just want to be supportive and you know they are being so.
For me, when my book was finally out there, I spent the first two months in a state of perpetual anxiety, waiting for feedback. What would the REAL PUBLIC OUT THERE think of my book? I must admit, I wait to hear for feedback rather than badgering people for comments and I've had good feedback so far - kids want to read on which is key to the success of any book, and adults have told me its a pageturner and they've enjoyed reading to their children which is secretly what I have hoped for.
At the moment, I am preparing for new year signings and the odd reading here and there, health permitting. Dates are not yet finalised. Readings an…

Books at Bedtime Event @ Sitwell Infants and Junior School, Rotherham

What a fantastic day!
Visiting the two schools was a real highlight - meeting such fabulous children with a real love of books and reading was very inspiring. First of all I took part in Mrs Skupien's assembly - talking to the Foundation stage (4-5yrs) and Key Stage 1 (5-6yrs) about my book and then reading the little section when Sophie and Danny go exploring and discover a row of four shops. As Sophie an Danny read the sign on each door, I had the hall-full of children calling out "Closed  ...on...TUESDAYS!!! until we finally stumbled upon the final shop - Mr Zauberer's puppet shop. They were great listeners!
I visited the Year 2 classes to talk about becoming a writer, how I write and read an exerpt from Driftwood & Amethyst to them. I met lots of future writers! They were such fun and asked some great questions:

Q Why do you like books?
Because they help me disappear in to a different world and introduce me to different people and places and I get to share in their …