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Marketing: Mayhem, Madness or Murder?

So the book is published. I have an ISBN number for ebook, one for paperback copies and one for hardback copies.
I have one month, maybe six weeks at most, to begin marketing Driftwood & Amethyst. Because I've published with Xlibris, there are certain ways they will support marketing. They have created a website for my book which will go live on the day of release.We have a press release and a review, both of which will be published on particular websites and in trade journals and magazines. So I know that some marketing exists already.
So why am I getting jittery about it all?
I feel like I need to make this happen! So, I'm planning my own little campaign of radio and newspaper interviews.
By working out my potential readers (in my case 7-11 year olds initially) I can work out potential buyers (parents and teachers initially).
This in turn enables me to list all magazines, newspapers and radio programmes this section of society may read/listen to. And then ask the q…

Copyediting, re-editing, check, re-check and check again :@

Driftwood & Amethyst has its final tidy-up today and by tomorrow it will be on its way to the designers for official printing to begin. Terrifying, bewildering and tremendously exciting.

The process has involved so many stages since submitting the manuscript, it has been a real eye-opener.
Not only are font size, page totals and justification issues to be deliberated and cogitated, but actually seeing the manuscript safely through the editing process can be just as tricky.

As a copy editor reads through the manuscript, s/he makes punctuation, grammar and word suggestions which can:

(a) improve the flow of writing
(b) stilt the flow of writing
(c) completely change the organisation of writing and disrupt the flow altogether.

Hoping a copy edit was foolproof, I had not envisaged changing anything altered by the copy editor I was assigned. However, the last month has been spent unpicking grammatical changes, punctuation changes and the inserting and deleting of words. Of course, some chan…

Publishing Quandry - What to do?

When can we say that all elements of the novel are completed and ready to publish? My list for my first novel has gone something like this:

Manuscript is acceptedCopyediting is completedThe manuscript has been checked and recheckedCover copy is complete (blurb, author's note, dedication)ISBN numbers are in placeDeal with Amazon to publish as an ebook is doneFront cover is completeHowever, in the case of Driftwood &Amethyst, the front cover is in the process of being altered (again) to appeal to as wide an audience as it can within the 7-11yrs remit. With an audience of under 12s as the potential market, Driftwood & Amethyst initially had a light, holiday type front cover which did not evoke the darker elements of the story.
The image was then replaced with a full figure wooden puppet sat on a bobbin, head bowed, in sepia and reds. He is a bit creepy, which is deliberate, and central to the story, but he does not represent the main characters of the story. Is this image inap…

Live Your Life: Existence is Never Enough.

Last week, I attended a Pain Management Refresher Day up at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. I last attended a nine week course of the same name three years ago and sat sobbing through the first two sessions, as I was in the very early stages of losing my career, my freedom, independence, sense of self - you name it, I'd lost it. Back then, the very fact I could no longer teach (I still thought I'd be able to do something but that blow was yet to come) was enough to floor me. I was a teacher. My work defined me (Superman's words but my sentiment exactly)

So, I attended the course, feeling beyond reach of any further support where pain management is concerned. I was sure I had my routine sussed, my limitations dealt with. How wrong I was.

Meeting the group, I was re-united with my fabulous OT (Occupational Therapist) Jill and a therapist called Miranda who's big on the alternative therapies.

It was good to review knowledge of pain and the awareness that pain is n…