Thursday, 22 September 2011

Marketing: Mayhem, Madness or Murder?

So the book is published. I have an ISBN number for ebook, one for paperback copies and one for hardback copies.
I have one month, maybe six weeks at most, to begin marketing Driftwood & Amethyst. Because I've published with Xlibris, there are certain ways they will support marketing. They have created a website for my book which will go live on the day of release.We have a press release and a review, both of which will be published on particular websites and in trade journals and magazines. So I know that some marketing exists already.
So why am I getting jittery about it all?
I feel like I need to make this happen! So, I'm planning my own little campaign of radio and newspaper interviews.
By working out my potential readers (in my case 7-11 year olds initially) I can work out potential buyers (parents and teachers initially).
This in turn enables me to list all magazines, newspapers and radio programmes this section of society may read/listen to. And then ask the question - would they perhaps like an interview with a new author?! I've read that it always helps to prepare a fact sheet for busy papers and journals who may be happy to write an article about your new book when you provide the information! Next job for me then . . .
November and December will bring those all important book signings, readings and Book Events - meeting the public and encouraging them to buy the book, read the book, like the book - "Please like the book!"
I've been laying down foundations for this and some book shops and libraries have already 'signed up' in principal. I just need to make sure I have promoted these events in good time using the aforementioned interviews and then Twitter, Facebook, posters, flyers and newsletters. Oh yes - and then I must order enough books should I need them at these events!
Right, I have quite a lot to be getting on with. In between marketing Driftwood & Amethyst, I must complete those articles to earn some money and the develop the outline for my new children's novel (under wraps of course).
I always thought being a published writer would be quite enough, regardless of how many articles, poems or stories I had published. But publishing Driftwood & Amethyst has been the icing on the cake for me.
Now earning a living - that would be the cherry on top!

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