Back to Business...

Such a lot has been happening recently, I don't know where to start.

My last post shared the writing of a new novel which has taken me two years to write. I finally got through it two weeks ago and feel it is finally where I need it to be.

In that time I have also managed to claw my way back to teaching full time after recovering from a rather major operation. The last four years in fact have seen me move from walking with sticks and being medicated up to my ears to walking and weening myself off a veritable cocktail of icky medicines. Yay for me.

Anyway, back to business. I now work in a fab school as a SENDCo and Music Co. I get to spend my days with little people creating stories, music, art and building bright little buttons. Each bright in their own uniqueness.  In my spare time, I still write everyday and my second novel is currently being reviewed by a teeny team of smalls who are going to help me polish it before it's sent off for publication.

The Pixie Plot (working title but I think it's sticking) is a lot darker than Driftwood but despite my belief that it would target an older audience, I have a nine year old reading it who isn't too terrified ... although she does happen to love all things dark and magical (my dream audience really).

I vow to write on here regularly now I've managed to unlock my blog (long story) and keep everyone posted about a few exciting projects I'm involved in at the moment - a selection of workshopping, dancing, performance and a foray in to bookselling (if I'm brave enough).
And it's almost Summer. It's all good :)


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