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Readings, Reviews and Signings Too!

Sales seem to be going well, but I'm still unsure how to log in and find out actual figures.Ormaybe i'm subconsciously too scared to look!

Here's a review posted on Amazon - had to share it with you!

There doesn't seem to be any synopsis here so I'll tell you what the back of the book says:

'Sophie and Danny arrive to find their holiday destination full of old folk and resign themselves to a week of boredom. Forced to make their own entertainment, they soon discover all is not as it seems. Venturing away from the beach, they encounter many curious sights; a lost boy, a mysterious puppeteer and the remarkable Mrs Dawson. Before long, the lines between daytime and dreamtime become increasingly blurred. Read on for a tale of conflict, daring, magic and menace, as Sophie and Danny embark on an adventure which will change their lives forever.'

This book is a great read for 7-12 year olds, those in their teens, or for the younger child if you want to read it to them.…

Book Events for Driftwood & Amethyst - its life begins!

Well, well, well.
Two long weeks of icy days and hazy days have resulted in little me being a hermit and doing little else than research and lots of reading . . . Ernest Hemingway has kept me company through the day with Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises although I unwittingly chose my first EH book to be based around bullfighting - the clue was in the title and Margaret Clark's Writing for Children as a refresher on plotting and character development. During  my night time waking I'm reading Sadie Jones' Small Wars, and after attending a talk by a friend's favourite writer, I'm reading Millie Johnson's Birds and Bees, which by her own admission is an early and clunky book but it's a great study in developing character relationships and enjoyable which counts for a lot at 5a.m.!
My husband, Andy, is now working with me on a screenplay of Driftwood as we've both always thought how well it would work as a film - so that little project is in its infancy.

I have m…

Driftwood and Amethyst is finally out there!

Sorry for my absence - but remember:
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

I have been a busy little thing,discovering how the world of Amazon et al work behind the scenes and finding out how best to market my novel. The internet seems the obvious way, using Facebook and Twitter to update those interested parties, but I also need to be out there, which is a little difficult for someone who prefers to hide away with my laptop in a darkened room these days, my health being nothing but unpredictable!
But I have taken the bull by the horns in a not-advocating-bullfighting sort of a way and am gently pushing myself forward using all the media I have available to me at present.

So, with Driftwood now selling as an ebook and a paperback (and a hardback if you feel so inclined, they are lovely) I am on with my second childrens novel, using NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to write a first draft in a month. Writing is the best bit, it's true, but I must admit, the first edit is the exci…

Books, the Blues and Writers Block

This post was written mid-October, but wasn't published as I've been too unwell to edit it. I thought I'd publish it anyway.

Writing is a precarious business.
You write well: all is well. You write, therefore you are a writer. You write badly: you hide. You are not writing and so are not technically a writer at that time.  You can't write: all is gone.You can no longer speak of yourself as a writer in the present tense.
The previous two weeks have been spent marketing Driftwood & Amethyst and preparing the bones of a book signing tour. I've also been prepping an outline for a rather strange children's novel set in our world and an otherworld. I've rather neglected my daily burst of fiction, although I have written two short stories so that's not entirely true! My medication this last couple of weeks has too undertaken a change. As the weather has turned colder and wetter, I've needed to up my morphine dose which seems to stifle my creativity and requ…