Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Book Events for Driftwood & Amethyst - its life begins!

Well, well, well.
Two long weeks of icy days and hazy days have resulted in little me being a hermit and doing little else than research and lots of reading . . . Ernest Hemingway has kept me company through the day with Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises although I unwittingly chose my first EH book to be based around bullfighting - the clue was in the title and Margaret Clark's Writing for Children as a refresher on plotting and character development. During  my night time waking I'm reading Sadie Jones' Small Wars, and after attending a talk by a friend's favourite writer, I'm reading Millie Johnson's Birds and Bees, which by her own admission is an early and clunky book but it's a great study in developing character relationships and enjoyable which counts for a lot at 5a.m.!
My husband, Andy, is now working with me on a screenplay of Driftwood as we've both always thought how well it would work as a film - so that little project is in its infancy.

I have managed to secure my first book event for Driftwood at Waterstones in Sheffield (Orchard Square 11.00 - 1.00 Sunday Dec 4th) and am waiting to hear back from a number of bookshops across Sheffield and some local libraries. At Off the Shelf 2012 - I may be doing a workshop as a fledgling children's author - that would be great but I need to see where I'm at with health and my writing next year! I'm also doing two school events next month which are readings and signings - I'll be ready with my pen and hope the children want to buy when I've hopefully hooked them in with my spooky reading voice!

It's been a case of pacing myself and making phonecalls and visits to shops when I'm able - then letting the days when I need to recharge just happen, rather than fighting them.

Gently, gently, catch 'e monkey! It may take me longer to achieve my goals but I'm more the tortoise than the hare nowadays - and the slowboy didn't do so badly in that story!

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