Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Readings, Reviews and Signings Too!

Sales seem to be going well, but I'm still unsure how to log in and find out actual figures.Ormaybe i'm subconsciously too scared to look!

Here's a review posted on Amazon - had to share it with you!

There doesn't seem to be any synopsis here so I'll tell you what the back of the book says:

'Sophie and Danny arrive to find their holiday destination full of old folk and resign themselves to a week of boredom. Forced to make their own entertainment, they soon discover all is not as it seems. Venturing away from the beach, they encounter many curious sights; a lost boy, a mysterious puppeteer and the remarkable Mrs Dawson. Before long, the lines between daytime and dreamtime become increasingly blurred. Read on for a tale of conflict, daring, magic and menace, as Sophie and Danny embark on an adventure which will change their lives forever.'

This book is a great read for 7-12 year olds, those in their teens, or for the younger child if you want to read it to them. It is imaginative, full of twists and wonderfully dark in a way that will enthrall and engage children. In a world still high on the likes of Harry Potter this book is infused with adventure and magic realism in a seaside town that most children can easily identify with!

A thoroughly recommended debut novel!!!

Quite pleased with that!

I've also been included as a Featured writer of the Month on Creative Writing Support; the Writers Bureau Students Page on Facebook which is lovely!

Next week, December sees the start of my signings and events in bookshops and schools - I'm in Rotherham at Sitwell Infants, then Sitwell Juniors on December 2nd with a signing in the Juniors entrance hall at 3.30pm.
On Sunday, December 4th I'm up at Waterstones, Orchard Square, Sheffield from 11.00am at a Book Event reading from my novel and talking about how I started writing.

Meadowhall and local libraries are set to see me over December and January. I'll keep posting and hope to see many faces there! I've got my pen at the ready! 

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