Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thursday 19th May

When life twists and turns the way mine does, I’m never quite sure if this is real life, my drugs, chronic pain or just delusions brought on by the madness! But things seem to be on the up – and I’m still coping with 50mcg of morphine and extra codeine for tougher days, so I think we're doing okay at the moment!

My big news is that I’ve been given my first proper commission in quite a while – I’m working for a documentary film producer (Mike) on a voiceover script for a documentary that Andy is editing, which is fabulous luck – I am so enjoying myself – I can even cope with the disaster that is my life when I’m writing and my man and kids are close by:):)

I’m writing about this couple and the adventure they had travelling from England to Australia then back – then back again! Even more amazing was that this was in the late 1950s – it took 16 weeks and 2 days (or 114 days) and the whole story is so interesting – my geography skills are coming on a treat! The couple have cinefilm footage of their journey so it’s fabulous to watch!

Mike’s a photographer by trade and this is his first documentary – Andy had been asked to film it two years ago but this was just as my health took a real nosedive and he couldn’t very well go to Australia and leave me with two toddlers. At the time I was adamant he should go, but I now realise why he didn't. His workload was heavy at that time though and now he’s editing it so it’s worked really well for him - and me!.

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