Tuesday 17th May

Missed both Yoga sessions this week as I’m too sore! Monday or Tuesday but could not bring myself to do it - I was so fed up! May also be because I’m trying to cope with only 50mcg of morphine again, so I'm battling with withdrawal ( tiredness and rattycow-i-tis) as there’s a chance of some writing work and I must get the codeine and morphine levels down so I can concentrate. I know it sounds silly but I can’t focus or write particularly well dosed up on all my drugs, as is probably very evident! I’m in danger of becoming a Wright Stuff  devotee as all I can manage is that and coffee on a bad day followed by a snooze. NO NO NO!!!
I’m starting to be snappy with the kids on just 50mcg and on a very short fuse with Andy which does not help matters. So I do need to see the doc soon and have an overhaul.
All systems go methinks.


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