Wednesday 11th May

Attended a two hour Yoga session yesterday. Such a lovely group of people - mainly women from 25 up to maybe 65 then a couple of guys too who are doing it on the advice of the physio after an op or accident. Very anxious before hand and was expecting a room full of Jane Fonda's but everyone waws quite normal and a good mix of ages and backgrounds so I didn't feel too intimidated!Mum came along too (looking much more at home than me it has to said) and we took things very gently. Lots of stretches and balances so I spent most of the time leaning against a wall - make of that what you will. Really enjoyed it though and felt fabulous afterwards - I'd forgotten what a rush endorphines give you after exercise - a great feeling. Today I'm a bit creaky as I’ve inflamed all the muscles and joints so I’m not doing so well - this is my payback for Yoga. I'm also up to 75 mcg again of morphine which is such a nuisance. It was much better than Pilates though –for me- and I was able to manage some of it but needed a cushion or gym ball – the teacher adapted everything for me. Sitting on a cushion, knees bent or on a gym ball, sitting on gym ball or taking care not to widen legs and hips.
Yoga does seem to be bit more manageable – will attempt it again next week but now know to do just a one hour session – my life is real trial and error with a measure of bloody determination thrown in - that's for sure!


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