Friday 6th May

I think I’m definitely going back to church – it seems a bit of a miracle Karen( our vicar) visiting at my lowest point yesterday although Andy would disagree! I was so down – Andy was ill with a sickness bug passed on by Max so its been hectic to say the least – I was feeling down in the dumps and then Karen arrived and we just chatted. I was able to map out my plans and offload a bit. Poor Karen – I’m not sure she was expecting me to be quite the mess I was when she popped over. But I was feeling much better when she left! I like to think there is a reason why my life has been turned upside down – but in the words of John Denver there is no rhyme or reason – I do know that, but would like to get some solace and respite from the fun and games we’ve been having these past months.
Having said that, Andy is really ill and confined to bed poor thing after Max has had three days of vomiting and is just back to school – poor love. Nasty bugs making the kids sick – Max likes to share everything with his daddy! I still seem to be immune from these things – still immune after 12 yrs teaching even though I’ve been out of the classroom for 5 years!


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