Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday May 25th

Working for Mike on a voiceover script which is fabulous luck – I am so enjoying myself – I can even cope with the disaster that is my life when I’m writing and my gorgeous kids are close :):) 

Writing about this couple and the adventure they had travelling around the world in 16 weeks and 2 days (or 114 days) is so interesting – my geography skills are coming on a treat! The research element of writing is so interesting - I have photocopies of old diaries and newspaper articles, then I need to google sections of the journey, the areas at specific times Iran in the 1950s for example, and the history of the whole 'New Australians' tickets that people bought after the second world war to move to Australia. White Europeans, particularly the UK, were encouraged to repopulate Australia - quite uncomfortable stats about who they were willing to let in and who they discouraged at that time.

Done a fourth draft and need to hear what Mike and Andy think about it – have made even more amendments since I sent it so will do those first thing in the morning. The deadline is tomorrow - voice over is due to be done next week and the actor is reading the script at the weekend before commiting it to tape on Monday.

Can I just be a writer please and get paid every job? Not just be thankful for a little credit in a newspaper or my name in print in a magazine? They don’t feed my children!

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