Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday 1st June

I've been paid for my voiceover script! And not in buttons! How exciting - it is so rewarding to receive payment for a piece of writing you do - I know that I write anyway, but there's always part of me that would love to earn a living from my writing. Hopefully, one day.

There are early discussions of a novelisation of 'Jack and Doreen- A Personal Journey' now, which I can barely dare to believe, but I'm just waiting to hear something a little more certain about that before I start working on it - I do like to rush in, but I must try to hold back until I have more details......

Hoping to work on some travel pieces over the next few days in Whitby - we're going off with the boys - I've thought about writing some pieces for English Heritage and Parenting  magazines so I will have my notebook with me at all times!

The boys enjoy trekking around the abbey, the back streets and a little rock pooling thrown in, so hopefully I'll be able to make enough valid notes to prep an outline or three when we get back from our weekend away.

Since my morphine has been stabilized at 62.5 mcg I seem to be able to do a little more writing each day. The morphine seems to be managing the pain without making me too dizzy or drowsy - so fingers crossed! I seem to be coping better with the housework and my writing at the moment - the children are gorgeous and are so understanding, but I will be able to take them swimming on Saturday for the first time in months. They are so patient so I'm pleased I can do this with them. That will be a first for me again - there seem to be quite a few of those these last few weeks!

It's half term this week, so writing isn't happening as often as I like - I try to write every day, but the boys come first . Tomorrow, my Dad is having the boys for a day so I can focus on some writing - I have a short story I need to tidy up before sending it in to a competition. He's such a big help - hopefully they'll be off to Clumber Park or Sherwood Forest letting off steam while I tap away on my lap top!

I think, perhaps,  my eternal optimism is finally starting to pay off!

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