Thursday, 16 June 2011

Promotion is Key - KatesWords is officially open!

I've spent the morning trying to promote KatesWords as my writing website (not quite ready) and my KatesWords blog (here it is - 3 followers today - thankyou girls!) and find how to reach the world - sadly, it has taken me a good few months to realise setting up my blog is great and everything, but if no one is reading it - I'm no further forward writing than I was when I hid my notebooks and diaries under my bed!
I recognise now that I need to:
1. Promote myself through every web based group I'm a part of (Writers Bureau, Facebook etc)
2. Include my blog address at the end of any related article, letter or blog reply
3. Give my blogs a title rather than a date - now I'm not sure why I did that other than diarise my thoughts as I always have found that an easy way to record
4. Make my blogs shorter and snappier possibly - hence the bullet points! Not too many though - don't want to turn back in to a teacher!
5. Focus focus focus.

After two fabulous days in York listening to the amazing Jim Bianco and Brian Wright at a house concert I've come back incredibly inspired and raring to go. House concerts exist all over the world - lovely folk invite musicians to play, interested parties to listen and bring a bottle of diet coke, wine cider etc and life is good. Can't wait for the next one!

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