One small step for Mouse! Writing and walking firsts.....

Today has been another day of firsts for me:
Writing Firsts
1. I have learned how to promote my blog through commenting on other blogs and leaving my blog details at the end of my comments
- it sounds so simple and now I can see ways forward :)

2. I've been contacted to do a little research on a living history group
- hopefully this will lead to a few articles, local and national, fingers crossed x

Walking Firsts
3. I walked around Marks & Spencer using my two little sticks and left my crutches in the car!
- I was extremely nervous and had a little panic after 10 minutes, but nothing a skinny latte and a large piece of carrot cake couldn't mend

4. An optician's appointment has left me speechless!
Dizziness and blurred vision have blighted me for the last few weeks - it appears that after coming off Tramadol and having 12 weeks of awful side effects, the tramadol-free me now has weakened eye muscles causing double vision. Bizarrely, the same side effects I had when I started with Tramadol three years ago. Unbelieveable!

Doesn't life do this to you sometimes? A good and a bad all in one day? But hey - onwards and upwards!


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