AdSense doesn't make sense to me!

You may notice that my blog is less busy today. There's good reason for it, I promise you. Recently, I read a really interesting article on 'Little Toof' blog about AdSense et al. I had accepted AdSense without really considering what I was doing, and thought that it would pretty up my blog if nothing else, but had quickly become rather annoyed with all the Vistaprint and Gap ads I kept seeing. I didn't mind Amazon or music ads so much, but this article really got me thinking. Why do we allow huge multi-million pound corporations to advertise on our private little blogs? What do they ever do for us? Apart from a vain hope that 0.1pence or cents or a squillionth of a euro will credited to my account if someone 'pushes their button', so to speak, what is the point?
I know that the world is going slightly mad with internet advertising, viral campaigns and the like, but I really hate being encouraged to spend constantly, especially when researching or writing. I go shopping when I want to shop - all this SELLSELLSELL!!! is nonsense. It just makes my head spin.
My blog is my blog. A tiny corner of the world wide web is where I speak my mind and trade my wares. Have you ever seen a Speaker on Speakers' Corner (Hyde Park, London) stand on their soapbox, passionately engaging their audience while holding a placard that says "Shop at Vistaprint!" or "Buy Gap!" ? No. Me neither.
Freedom of speech and corporate advertising don't really rub along all that nicely. And so, I have deleted Ad Sense from my blog. I feel a ton better for doing so. Although, it's now a bit lonely in here so I need to learn how to add my work, pictures and film clips!


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