Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Leaving Facebook

My computer used to be where I worked on my writing and admin, yet more frequently I find myself still wading through admin an hour in to my working session. I seem to be drawn to comments made on my Facebook account and spend far too long then browsing Facebook disappearing in to the lives of others (all of which seem to be straight out of a glamorous novel- way more sparkly than my life but unlikely to be the full story)

Today I have deactivated my Facebook account. It immediately threw images at the screen of my friends around the world asking me if this was really what I wanted and my friends would miss me. I'm feeling increasingly squeamish about Facebook and the fact that everything I pop on there including photos of my family and friends belongs to Facebook and with which they can do exactly as they wish.

Currently, I'm giving myself a week to decide if this is the right thing for me. If I feel this way in one week, I will go access Facebook, go into ACCOUNTS, then delete my account permanently by pressing DELETE which will then remove all my information.

I do feel strongly about privacy and know that sites such as these are a good way to keep in contact with friends, but I keep in touch with those I want to keep in touch with via email and I seem to be in contact with squillions of people I don't really know anymore.

Just trying to declutter my life. Today, Facebook, tomorrow, my wardrobe!

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