Sunday, 3 August 2014

Story Making Workshops at Rotherham Family Festival 2014

I am sometimes asked to run children's writing and story making workshops which is something I relish and would like to do more and more of.  I  will run  three sessions during Rotherham's Family Festival taking children through a story-making process where we use the spoken word and musical instruments to develop magical stories through music. I can't wait to see what our creative young story makers come up with!


As a teacher, my two favourite subjects are Literacy and Music so you can imagine my excitement when asked to become involved in this project. Preparations are underway for this exciting venture and the Writers' Attic is being prepared as I write.

Rotherham's Family Festival is being run by Grimm and Co, part of Inspire Rotherham and Ministry of Stories to offer our local children free access to a range of story making workshops over the week beginning 4th August 2014.  The program is as follows:
Photo: Grimm & Co. please look at Grimm's facebook page and follow on Twitter to find out more about the Story Festival coming to Rotherham from next Monday.  Here's the programme for the family festival.  All activities are free, however a donation is always welcome to help with refreshments, etc.  The activities and times are on the programme.  You can drop in or to guarantee a place please contact
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Rotherham Roar Popup StoryShop Rotherham  Rother Fed Theunitycentre Rotherham
I'll be waiting in the Writer's Attic in Rotherham during the afternoon of Wednesday 6th August for any young story makers wishing to take part. We will create a number of stories together and will endeavour to share them  after the event :)

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