Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday 4th March

New morphine patch and codeine today – have sat on my hotwater bottle and dosed myself up – feeling sore but not so sick. A bit spaced out. Hope nothing’s damaged :(  I seemed to be making such good progress – no sticks in the house, two sticks out and about and wheelchair when out for 20 mins or more. I am struggling a lot after yesterday and the fall – pay back I suppose – the next day is always worse. Must pace myself a little better.
Lost today really. Housework is becoming a real problem but don’t want Andy to think I’m lazy. I wonder what he thinks. Oh, I don’t know. I’m so full of drugs - which aint the best time to be comtemplating the mess that is my life x If we could afford a cleaner I could manage better.
OMG WINGE WINGE WINGE - I need to shut up and count my blessings. They may be few but I have so much and moping doesn't help anyone!

 - Worry worry worry, like sitting in a rocking chair,
    Worry, worry, worry, but you get nowhere.

 Shaking myself out of that ugly little mood - all gone.

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