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More Bubbles and Less Troubles: A pre-Birthday Wish

During this particularly busy half term holiday, the boys and I have barely stopped. Part accident, part design, I have found it necessary to fill every waking moment being with my two offspring. As occurs with alarming frequency these days, I found myself awakened by a brutal slapping across the face by the pale and disinterested ghost of my own mortality.

As my two boys' buddies arrived to stay earlier this week, I caught my breath as three young men cheered a greeting and fell through my front door. In an instant I adopted the role of  embarrassing auntie, reminiscing at length about the speed at which time has passed, how tall the boys had grown and how growling bass lines had replaced the choirboy voices of times past. Instead of measuring my own increases in height alongside theirs as tradition dictates, the opposite is now being tracked on my door frame as my spine depletes and  treasured extra millimetres are gone for ever, while the once tiny children, nephews, nieces a…