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NaNoWriMo 2014 begins!

Mood - positive :)
Word Count: 1650

Well, I have signed up to NaNoWriMo once more and as it served me well in 2011 with a first draft of Driftwood & Amethyst, my first children's novel, I have taken the plunge again. I try to write most days to be fair, yet this last two months have been decidedly sketchy in the writing department and I knew something had to give. New work commitments, a school change or two (while on the supply wagon) and the adoption of two rather giddy puppies have done nothing to help my already full and happy existence - no complaints though! I have been slowly developing my second children's novel since 2012 - two years and I'm still only half way through a rather woolly first draft - and need a kick up the proverbial.

I've never involved myself in writing groups but have heard this can be beneficial - not knowing many writers myself, I rely on friends' children to read my material then offer feedback which is always brutally honest (!) b…