Monday, 15 August 2011

Driftwood & Amethyst manuscript ready! - drugs doing their job!

Finally completed the re-edit of my manuscript and am about to send it off to the publishers. I've not been happy with the copyedit process and have filed a written complaint about the substandard grammar and spelling errors added to my manuscript!!
Not sure how to proceed with this - can I be reimbursed for a service I've not used?
I'll keep you posted and hope to receive books in lieu or money back if I can find out the singular charge for that service.
Lots of notes being made for second children's novel and my first novel for grown-ups (adult novel sounds pornographic somehow) based on my experiences as a teacher and living in London. I'm going to work through the 'Your Writing Coach' by Jurgen Wolff as I've heard great things and feel that I'll need guidance organising this novel.

I currently have four that I'm scribbling in to:
 - a general one next to my bed for short story ideas and rough ideas for articles
- 'Faerie' notes
- 'School'  notes
- articles notes

Being the Summer holidays, I seem to be reading and making notes more than actually writing, but hope this is due to the constant distractions! Love the boys to bits but trying to balance my writing with giving them my time is a bit of a struggle at the moment!

Still on nerve-dulling drugs for my lower back pain, which are making me very tired. Andy has been fab at helping me get through this - I take two in the morning, two at tea time and two at bedtime. So he's being very understanding bringing me caffeine first thing (cuppa in bed - I've waited nineteen years for this cosy development and am now enjoying this immensely!) and helping round the house as he always done to be fair, but now with less commentary :) Looking forward to my assessment at the end of the month when the drugs stop and the consultant tests which nerves he's going to zap to stop the pain around my metal work in my lower back. Fun and games!!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Twitter-arti? It's a riot.

Well, I've finally gone and done it. I'm now on Twitter. Yet another way to avoid writing. Fascinating people on there - particularly linking to the London riots and the clean-up that's being managed through a range of really generous and kind-hearted fellows out there. Twitter can be a good thing. My heart is warmed by their work.

I also found a great poster:
Kelly Linzi Roberts

which, although I'm more a caring-sharing hug-a-tree and look-behind-the-face-at-the-real-problem kinda-girl, this got me!
I'm sure there are many out there who are incensed by the action of the police in Tottenham next week - I'm hardwired to think the police may have just pointed and pressed before waiting to see what was going on (or be shot maybe). However, most of the rioters are just greedy toe-rags looking for any excuse to steal and smash the place up. YES! We are all angry at losing our money, pensions etc, but by looting and destroying the very communities they live in, they're playing right in to the Con Dems hands. Before you know it they'll be telling us we need ID Cards and a police state.