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Writing the Novel - A Seminar by Millie Johnson & Victoria Howard

Attending a seminar run by Millie Johnson and Victoria Howard a couple of weeks ago in Barnsley, South Yorkshire was, for me, a chance to indulge in an afternoon meeting favourite authors, like-minded creatures and partake in a little complementary afternoon tea. It became, in short, nothing less than a series of lightbulb moments.

With newly purchased novels and a goody bag of booklets,magazines and a delicately packaged silver bookmark, we were ready to begin.

The afternoon was split in to two sessions; each author giving a talk on their own distinct process of writing, then the methods they employed to achieve publication - in the 'traditional sense' rather than the self publication route.

Millie's seminar: 'Writers Write (Dreamers Procrastinate)' took us through a history of Millie's career from her early days as a copy writer for card companies, a divorce, house-move and years of night time writing sessions as her children slept. She shared with us the rea…