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Write a Novel in a Month - Can She Do It?

After a week of inner turmoil - isn't that what keeps us writers writing? - I'm starting to feel like I'm back on track with my writing. Along with various satellites losing their way and crashing back down to Earth with a bump, I certainly have acquired some bruising to my derriere, but as the old cliche goes 'the only way is up' and so, life moves swiftly on.
'Driftwood & Amethyst' is in the final stages of whatever it is they do in publisher land, and I wait tentatively for my author copies to drop through the letter box any day soon. Short stories are keeping me busy - I'm entering a couple in to competitions in a bid to earn a little for my pains. Money is extremely tight, as many of us know, yet my hands are effectively tied when it comes to earning, so I need to do what little I can and keep sending off my articles and stories. Hopefully, as Driftwood & Amethyst' gains recognition (please, God!) my other work may then seem more interest…