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Conflict, Plot Holes and Loose Ends: All in a Day's Work!

I read with interest 'Don't Lose the Plot' in August's Writing Magazine. Lorena Goldsmith's article outlined many difficulties writers face when developing their manuscript from a basic outline to the fully formed manuscript.
Within the article, Lorena writes about weak conflicts and contrivance, two issues I am struggling with in my latest children's novel - my prequel to Driftwood and Amethyst, currently known as Before Driftwood (working title).
I, too, am constantly striving to ensure that the conflicts faced by my two main characters, Holly and Ethan, are believable and uncontrived - within the story's universe of course. I so hate it in novels when a character  suddenly stumbles upon a hidden trap door or finds a book with the hidden key inside within five seconds of entering the mansion's library. I strive to weave a plausible storyline where plot points seem to occur organically.
Sometimes, my story will spin out itself and the troubles faced by…