Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New reviews for Driftwood and Amethyst - had to share

For any author, one of the most terrifying moments is sharing what you have written. Until then, you can imagine you have created a work of genius, daydreaming your success all day long. Then, you give it to a close circle of friends and family to review. Some are honest, but generally they just want to be supportive and you know they are being so.
For me, when my book was finally out there, I spent the first two months in a state of perpetual anxiety, waiting for feedback. What would the REAL PUBLIC OUT THERE think of my book? I must admit, I wait to hear for feedback rather than badgering people for comments and I've had good feedback so far - kids want to read on which is key to the success of any book, and adults have told me its a pageturner and they've enjoyed reading to their children which is secretly what I have hoped for.
At the moment, I am preparing for new year signings and the odd reading here and there, health permitting. Dates are not yet finalised. Readings and signings so far have been so inspiring and I have met some great people who buy books from new authors to not only support them but to discover new stories and hopefully follow future books. What is most exciting is that friends are buying my book for friends - close to home I hear it's quite well established locally in South Yorkshire now and down in my old stomping ground in Ilford and other parts of London, Suffolk, Bristol. It's venturing slowly in to in different parts of the world as my well travelled and international friends share Driftwood with others in San Francisco, Florida and Texas in the USA, Perth and Melbourne in Australia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, to name the places I remember! The thought that it exists on a bookshelf in all these places is fabulous.
Spreading the word is vital, but when your friends spread the word for you, those little successes speak volumes.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Brilliant10 Dec 2011
This review is from: Driftwood and Amethyst (Paperback)
Having bought this for my son, i decided to take a peak, and felt so intrigued by the 
synopsis, i thought i would have a quick read! 

I loved this story, and cannot wait for my son to start reading it. I feel it is aimed at 
8 to 9 year olds, and above, and any 8 year olds starting to read Harry Potter books 
will love this tale. I finished it wanting to know more about the characters, and feel 
there should be a sequel to this, that explains in more depth, maybe about Mrs 
Dawson's past, and how she became to be the person in the book. It isn't a very long 
book, which makes it ideal, for a reader who is just starting to read books all the way 
through on their own. I found my son sometimes looked at a book and if it was too 
thick, he would think he wasn't going to ever finish it, but this is just ideal for his age, 
and would love the Author to think about creating a sequel, purely for my benefit, 
and i am 32! :) 

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!!!22 Nov 2011
This review is from: Driftwood and Amethyst (Paperback)
This book is a great read for 7-12 year olds, those in their teens, or for the younger 
child if you want to read it to them. It is imaginative, full of twists and wonderfully 
dark in a way that will enthral and engage children. In a world still high on the likes 
of Harry Potter this book is infused with adventure and magic realism in a seaside 
town that most children can easily identify with!

A thoroughly recommended debut novel!!!

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