Saturday, 9 July 2011

'Driftwood' coming along very nicely!

I've been a little knocked out this week - I think my busy days are always followed by a fuzzy day for me, but being busy writing has made me push myself a little more than I usually do - made the mistake of taking codeine and sleeping all day Wednesday which was not good!!! Walking with sticks now though, not very far, but using my muscles more and feeling much more positive as a result. I'm learning my limits - a little walk each day, writing, housework, coffee and chat most days (to keep us all sane) and family life - very full days in every way imaginable - I couldn't imagine living my old life now. Although I loved it back then, I love my life now - it's very different but I'm happy. Poor but happy!

Driftwood & Amethyst is now in the copyediting stage - I won't hear anything back for a few weeks and then the time will come for re-edits (perhaps) Nerve-wracking!

Creating the copy for my blurb (there must be a better word) on the back of my book, author notes and dedications has been tricky but a light relief from the usual - think I've got the image for my front cover, but we're yet to discuss this and I will love that part of the process!

Seem to be writing a lot of poetry at the moment - although it isn't instant, I'm loving writing about the boys and the crazy little situations that keep happening every day - small children are a constant inspiration :)

Back on Facebook - realised I was missing my girls around the world and quickly got back on there - I'm sure it's a terrible waste of my life but I'm only on it once a day and have self-imposed a 30 minute limit, no games and no strange quizzes - obviously I have very little willpower (as demonstrated by my Facebook boycott) but I'm a tryer!

Researching my second children's novel at present and working on a short story which is growing - I wonder if there's a market for serial shorts or novelettes? Must look in to this.

Andy's website has been revamped
- it features updated materials and is worth checking out if anyone needs corporate or creative campaigns/documentaries etc.

Mine is still in the very early stages
and I'm in the process of uploading information on there so it is just a shell at present - it would be interesting to know wheat people think!

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  1. Kate,

    In this post you mention that you are researching for your next novel. As an aspiring childrens writer, I'm wondering what you do in terms of research?