Monday, 18 July 2011

New meds - new ideas!

Well, as you know I'm always looking for that silver lining, the good in every person and situation. My rose coloured glasses are currently being used to full effect. But I must tell you how I'm managing to find new inspiration. . . . .
After my Friday appointment at the pain clinic, I'm now trialling a new drug to help with my pelvic/lower back pain. As I already have a daily dose of 62.5mcg of morphine patch to deal with, on top of anti-inflammatory medication, my pelvic pain had really been reduced since my pelvic reallignment back in November. Since then, I've spent twelve weeks weaning myself off Tramadol (addicts - I know what you're going through!) then another sixteen weeks purging the stuff completely out of my system. This has left me with permanent double vision - only mild but wearing contact lenses is now out of the question, as I need glasses with the addition of a prism in my left lens and mild balance issues.
The lower back pain was still present though and the doctor wanted to see how we can irradicate it after big ops and many different medication trials.
So on Friday, while examining my recent xrays, my doctor was able to surmise why I was still suffering. In fact, it went something like this:
Dr: The question we have to ask our selves is, 'Why are you still having back pain after an op to cure it?'
(opens xray on computer)
Dr: There's your reason why - those two bloody great screws holding your sacre iliac joints together!

Apparently, my pain is nerve damage. So now I'm trialling nerve drugs that stop nerve pain.

Although my reaction has been similar to tramadol in that I'm very spaced out and lost hours at a time this weekend while I became accustomed to them, I'm having a myriad of ideas and am desperately trying to write everything down that comes to me.
I've been up through the night writing down extremely descriptive passages for my new novel and am dreaming amazing ideas for short stories - obviously, when I come down off these fab new pills I may realise what I've written is nothing more than a collection of wild ramblings but we'll see.

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