Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer Holidays v Writing Time?

We are officially on our summer holidays. The boys are loving being at home and are playing with all their toys (Dr.Who today) and dressing up clothes as I'm attempting to keep house and home together. My husband tootles off to work each morning ('Bye Darling!') and I get on with the near impossible tasks I have to do as mother, wife, daughter, friend, cook, cleaner, doctor, vet, entertainer, artist, Sarah Jane Smith (for my boys, not my husband - don't give him any ideas), recycler, gardener . . . .

There is one job missing. Writer. When do I get the time to write now?????!!!!!

My boys are my life. All three of them. But I'm struggling to fit it all in! Today I've managed about five tasks and then a knight in shining armour appeared. Okay, it was actually my Dad - Grandpa - in his silver VW Golf arriving to take the boys to Sherwood Forest for the day. Hoorah!

So after coffee and catch up with Dad, loading the washer, waving off Grandpa and two exciting, noisy, adorable boys, a quick tidy-up then making another coffee, I'm up in my teeny tiny study where I belong. Hoorah!

Jobs done so far:
  • entered Writers Bureau competition
  • read necessary emails (I'm getting much more ruthless)
  • checked chapter 5 of Driftwood & Amethyst copyedit
Jobs to do before 4pm:

  • check chapters 6-10 of Driftwood & Amethyst copyedit

  • prepare 500 word article on Discipline

  • That'll give me an hour to prep tea before the boys get home!
    I'm aiming to write for an hour or two each evening this summer, when the boys have gone to bed, to keep on top of my writing and press on with my secret life as a writer.
    Unless Grandpa kindly offers again!!

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