Friday, 11 March 2011

Wednesday 16th February

Becky, my physio, reckons I should be using my chair less and sticks more. Even when walking any distance. I have to push through this stage apparently, live with the tiredness and aches, as in time they will go. I need more energy – I’m falling asleep as I type! Thank God for spell check on this computer :) I have spent the last two years using my chair to get things done - I can manage to get through jobs and journeys quicker. However, Becky assured me today that I need to slow down and do everything on foot as much as possible and not worry about the speed at which I get things done. Does she want to explain this to my frazzled husband who gets in from work at 7pm and proceeds to tidy up and hoover if I've not got that far through my 'list' (mental list - I'm not that tragic just yet) - making me feel bad and him feel a little less sweet on me, I'm sure!

The good news is - we’re getting lots of calls about our house – the boys helped Andy put the board up at the weekend – Max reminded me “Mummy, this is not a showhome” when I whizzed around with the hoover for the second time today. Oh dear – I must stop saying that to Andy whenever he complains about a crumb on the carpet. The boys are starting to copy my sardonic style.

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