Friday, 11 March 2011

Thursday 10th March

Mr Gibson is my hero. My mum is my rock.
Woke up feeling a little less tearful and managed to get up relatively easily for the first time in a week.
Still sore, but managed just to take two dihydracodeine until I saw MrG. Firstly, he sent me for xrays – three diffent angles – to ascertain what was going on. The radiologist was freaked out by my images until I realised I’d left my Thermapad heatpad on, presenting as ghostly ovals across the whole pelvic area. Oops.
Luckily, Mr G was very sweet about it and although myself and the radiologist fretted somewhat, we didn’t get our hands slapped, as he was able to see that I’d not destroyed his handiwork and my screws and plates are exactly where they should be.
The big news is – I don’t fall like a normal person. My hockey teacher once said exactly the same thing. Apparently, falling when you are full of metal causes irritation around the areas where metal is present. I’d jarred the bones and soft tissue. Yowch. There was good reason why I’ve been a complete mess these last seven days.
So I get to see my lovely Mr G in three weeks so he can assess me again. I have to rest a little but not too much, do a little but not too much . . . . the usual. He really does have my back. (Quite literally in fact) I feel so supported by the gang up at Northern General.
Today I feel more relieved than I can express – and back on track.
Onwards and upwards!

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