Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday 8th January

Woke up very sore, but after an hour, a strong coffee and a strategically placed Thermapad (Boots £6.99 for three – worth every penny as one lasts eight hours and can restore an otherwise creaky day) I felt almost human.
We took the boys to the cinema today. Since becoming disabled, I’ve discovered a few silver linings along the way and the CEA card is one of them. I initially treated myself to a Cineworld Film membership as a way of clawing back the odd day when my pain management was poor and I needed a distraction. This still works really well on my rough days – I love to lose myself in a good film with coffee and a Ben & Jerry’s icecream to hand! However, because I can’t drive (partly as I’ve never passed my test and partly due to the morphine I take each day makes me unfit to drive) I always need to go with someone to get me there and help me to and from my seat. The CEA card enables me to take someone with me, free of charge, to do just that.  
To apply for the card you need  to send proof that you are either in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance or that you are registered blind, a passport-sized photo with your application to appear on the card and a processing fee. It was £5.50 when I applied last year. The CEA card lasts one year at a time.
We saw Gulliver’s Travels in 3D – not the best film, more like a romcom seg-wayed into a children’s film, but the boys enjoyed it. Harry does have trouble with his 3D glasses though and we had to secure them to his head with his stripy bobble hat. Yes he looked gorgeous! Floppy the dog (previously Biscuit until Harry discovered Oxford Reading Tree books at school) wore his own 3D glasses and apparently enjoyed the film very much. A soft toy with attitude and a penchant for all things Jack Black.
Today I managed to walk on crutches to the cinema, rather than my usual transport of the dreaded wheelchair, but certainly paid for it when I got home. Hot water bottle and a whiskey and lemonade eased the pain though!

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