Sunday 20th March

Sunday 20th March
Dad had an operation on Thursday to remove cancerous tumours yet he has remained very optimistic and gives only the tiniest details when pressed – he’s had a rough few days after the op yet feels well enough to go walking in Derbyshire next week so I hope he manages to get out and about. What with him and Andy’s family (three cancers have claimed two family members in as many years) I worry about the future for my generation when those in their 60s seem to have illnesses and sorrows to wake up to each morning. I take strength from the way my Dad handles each day and each challenge, and seems to be all the stronger and healthier as a result. Often, someone with illness one is able to focus down and appreciate what those without illness take for granted. Not quite sure if that is a gift, but ti would be a neat and tidy way to count my blessings.
On a lighter note, Harry fell in a duck pond today! He spent a tear and pond stained hour trying to dry off under a hand dryer in the Butterfly House’s toilets. Poor thing. One minute I was sat next to him holding his hand, the next I stood up and walked back, he let go of my hand and - splash! He was more upset that he was wearing his new tshirt but quite happily draped himself in my long sleeved top I’d thankfully worn under a short sleeve tunic, squelching around in the very wet very NEW Clarks trainers my Mum bought him last week. Unbelievable but true. Unfortunately, we weren’t filming at the time. That would have been an easy £250 in any You’ve Been Framed episode.


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