Friday, 11 March 2011

Wednesday 9th February

Rather chirpy today as I arranged and managed to stick to my plans – getting out is huge for me though :) Morphine patch 2nd day which is always the best day (not too drugged up, pain on top of) – and my day tends to be just fine if I get out for a little while!
Went to see The Kings Speech this morning – yes all that fuss was warranted – what a spectacular film! Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were exceptional as were the young princesses (I’m loving the little ringleted Ramona Marquez) Eve Best (Nurse Jackie’s English buddy) was a surprise – she played a fabulous Mrs Simpson, so catty and snippety – I loved her.
Of course, I am now speaking like a 1930s reject and although I am desperate for a tea dress, I will of course stop at the mink .
 I felt rather sorry for Bertie and the trappings of royalty. Maybe they don’t have it so good. Poor old Bertie was put through the mill (linguistically speaking – is my irony button on full today?) but all the more darling because of Colin Firth’s portrayal. I’ve no idea what he was really like, although I did get the impression he was a sorry little thing.

Okay – I’m over it. Not quite off with their heads, but with great privilege comes great responsibility I suppose.

Maybe it just highlighted that we all have our crosses to bear. It is important to look beyond your front door and sympathise with others and their afflictions sometimes.

My popcorn and cappuchino went down very nicely as well and I managed to walk to the cinema room as it was directly next to the box office :)  Hope I'm not unbearably giddy when I'm having a good day - it's just great to feel ok! May the good times roll x

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