Friday, 11 March 2011

Monday 14th February

Hearts and flowers all round. Chocolate and music (Bob Geldolf's new album - Andy knows me so well) for me from my man and the boys were thrilled with their cards and choccy hearts (God bless Marks & Spencers)
Hydrotherapy was great but hadn't realised it was my last session – apprehensive now to say the least. I love to relax in the warm water and worry that without that I will struggle. Last year, Andy treated me to a spa membership - I went 2-3 times a week at a local hotel and soaking in the Jacuzzi along with steam room and sauna did wonders for me. It used to loosen up my back and lessened the pain. Unfortunately, I did very little else with my week as I was having it rough back then, but in terms of pain I was doing well.We can’t run to that this year and I had to decide between funding the spa or my mobile phone. The phone is my lifeline when I’m out anywhere, so me thinks I may have to look into the free facilitites down at the local leisure centre. Squeezing in to a steamy sauna with three old men and four elderly ladies doesn’t really do it for me, but I may have to swallow my pride – or find out when the women only sessions are!

I made dinner – well, rather, I assembled dinner from a selection of ready goodies  from the M&S deal this year and proudly presented salmon mousse, rack of lamb with roasted vegetables and chocolate pots.
In time-honoured tradition, Andy pushed his starter around his plate, enjoyed the meat, wouldn’t eat the pud. So glad I bothered. I should take this to mean he loves me so much he doesn’t feel he has to put on airs and graces – I hope! Next time, we'll curl up on the settee in front of Nurse Jackie, have a home made chilli and icecream from the tub for afters - that's much more our style :)

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