Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Saturday 1st January

It has been difficult this year to scream ‘Happy New Year’ from the rooftops for a number of reasons, most of which anyone over the age of 30 will have experienced to some degree at some time. Unfortunately, last year was the worst in a series of terrible times, as every year since 2006 has knocked me off my feet either physically, mentally or psychologically. While each year has thankfully been tempered with new births, new friends and new experiences; as one of the world’s most optimistic people – think SATC’s Charlotte with rose-coloured specs on – I’ve managed to leave each year with some good memories.
I have therefore promised myself that I won’t whine on about the past – this being my NEW YEAR RESOLUTION NUMBER 1.
Many (usually those with certain negative qualities who want their sins to be forgiven and forgotten) say the past is in the past. I agree.
However, the past has made me who I am. Forgiving is very easy for me as I know I ain’t perfect and prefer my misdemeanours, although few and not particularly exciting, to be left back there. Forgetting, however, is not an option. I don’t and I won’t.  But moving on is an entirely different story.

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